Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Apples with French Knife 6 x 6

I'm obviously studying Carol Marine's compositions pretty closely.  I think I got a pretty good idea of how the shading works on apples doing this but I need to keep practicing.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cup with Lime Segments 6" x 6" SOLD

I really struggled with this, especially the cup.  But in the end I am happy with it.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Red Apple with Spoon 6 x 6

This was a fairly humiliating experience.  I used an Ampersand gessobord and found it really different from the Raymar canvas I've been using.  Also made some bad choices in what I chose to paint.  But I like the spoon pretty well and also the spoon shadow.  Want to try doing that again.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Value Study Pear

Another value study.  Large amount of medium value, medium amount of light value, small amount of dark value.

Value Study Apples 6 x 6

I painted this yesterday for Carol Marine's value study challenge.  It is largest amount dark, medium amount of light and then a small amount of medium value.  It was so much harder than I would have imagined.


Our darling dog nearly died.  It was probably leptosporosis.  Fortunately a very caring vet and penicillin have brought her back to us.  Couldn't concentrate enough to paint for over a week.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Golden Gardens 6 x 6

On on of the few sunny days we've had in May we took our old pooch out to Golden Gardens to stretch her legs.  It was beautiful out there.  It was fun to paint something that doesn't require so much in drawing skills.

Monstercot 6 x 6

Friday, May 13, 2011

Salt & Pepper with Tomatoes 6 x 6

I had to stop early the first day so this took a couple days.  Gonna take a break from glass for a while. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tomatoes 6 x 6

I'm pretty happy with this.  I decided I should wait a day or two after I paint to post.  I seem to dwell on what is wrong before I can appreciate what is right.  Painted Monday.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Self Portrait 6 x 6

This one was done in response to a DPW challenge.  It was fun to do.  I'm still not sure if I should have finished off the hair or not.  I do like the sketchiness of the shirt.  I really look a lot older than that.

Orange Sections with Teal Plate 6 x 6

I like the composition and the colors.  And now I am finally caught up to present in my posts.  This one was done on April 28th.

Kiwis on a Fuchsia Ground 6 x 6

I was so excited when I saw how great these colors look to gether!  This was total fun.

Kiwi Halves 6 x 6

Well, this didn't work at all.  I thought it was the washed out colors and I do think that's part of it.  But my friend Judith suggested that it's because there are just 2 big blobs.  She may have been more diplomatic, but I think she's right.  I do like the shadow in the foreground.

Syrup Jar with Kiwis 6 x 6

I like the syrup jar.  It was so hard to paint.  And I like the simplicity of the kiwis without their black seeds.  But that spoon just ruins everything.  Darn!

Aperitif Glass with Lemons 6 x 6

I'm happy with this one.  The colors, composition and the tourquoise stripe.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Green Peppers on Blue Plate 6 x 6

Green, blue and orange--another split complementary.  This didn't work.  I think the plate is too gray.  And the peppers are more dark than green.

Green Peppers on Lavender Plate 6 x 6

This was another split complementary.  I really like the colors together.

Split Complementary 6 x 6

I was kind of excited when I saw how great these colors look together and it has made me want to study more about color schemes.  I really never thought about that before.  My camera has a tendency to emphasize the reds but it still looks pretty cool in real life.  I used the Munsell color wheel and the colors were red, purple and green.

Dairy Queen Cone with Oranges 6 x 6

At least I think it's a Dairy Queen cone.  I found it on the street and use it for a funnel  Can't believe I stuck that triangle segment right in front of the cone.  But I like the colors and the whites of the oranges.
This is the first in a series I've been doing in response to the color wheel challenge on DPW.  We were to use a complementary, split complementary or triad color scheme--or combination.  I had never even heard of split complementary.  And it could be the regular color wheel or the Munsell color wheel (which I also had never heard of).  So this has been kind of an exciting learning experience for me.  I started off with a simple complementary--blue and orange.

Grape Hyacinths in a Mexican Jigger 6 x 6

This is one of my favorites.  I like the composition.  I love the little patch of teal on the glass.  I probably should have had a few lighter spots on the hyacinths.

Butter and a Fork 6 x6

I wanted to try painting glass.  I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.  I love that little spot of blue on the lower right of the butter dish.  Also think I did a good job with the value just below the butter.  I couldn't believe how hard it is to paint a fork.  Very much like trying to paint a hand for me.  Need to do it again.

Pear in a Bowl 6 x 6

This is one of the least successful.  I think there is way too much shadow area and I wish I had made a more gradual turn from light to shadow inside the bowl.  I got lost trying to paint the colors in the shadow side of the bowl and table top.

Cranky Chicken 6 x 6

This is another challenge from DPW--paint a chicken from a photo.  I got a kids book with photos from the library.  I'm pretty sure her name was Prudence.  I'm not sure why but she just got cranky toward the end.

Cup and Grapefruit Segments 6 x 6

I like the composition and color relationships.  The drawing is a little shakey, but I'm happy enough with it. My favorite part is the reflection of the cup handle.

Red Pepper 6 x 6

All in all I'm pretty happy with this.  I like the composition with the shadow going off the edge.  Maybe there is a little too much open space in the upper right.  I think the reds are pretty good but I'd like to see more difference in the light and dark values.  I'd like to try it again--get a bit of highlight on the stem and have the sparkle on the pepper a little more pronounced.

Green bowl with Orange Segments 6" x 6" SOLD

The challenge this week was to try to have a different collor mixed on your brush every time you made a stroke.  If you didn't like the color you painted you were to paint over it with another stroke.  I am still trying to keep this in mind.  This is that nice linen again.  I like the way it looks finished but It's so hard for me to paint on it.  My first ever oranges.  Oranges are such a cool thing to paint!

Pitcher with Reflections 6" x 6" SOLD

Back in the US with my regular supplies and computer I took a stab at one of the DPW Challenges.  They challenge was to paint a white object on a very colorful ground and show the color reflecting in the white surface.  Used a gessoed board and I really don't like the slick shiny quality it has.  It was so fun to be trying the challenge.  Very motivating.  It was my first post on DPW.  I was stoked!

Votives with Matches 6 x 8

Painted this the day before I left my apartment.  Kind of sad to go but I was ready after 7 weeks.

Salt Shaker and Spoon 6 x 6

                              Still in Mexico just painting what was in the kitchen.

The Second Attempt at Eggs 6 X 6

I'm very happy with the eggshell on the right.  This was some really nice linen I painted on but I have a hard time using it.  It's very absorbant.
My First Try at Eggs  6" x 6"
               I was facinated by Carol Marine's eggs.  I love the way she uses everyday objects.
I was still working on trying to paint quickly but I think I gave myself 20 each on these.  They are 3" x 3"

Pepper Shakers

I first found out about the Daily Paintworks Website when I was staying in Mexico in Feb.  The first challenge I tried was to paint an object several times in 10 minutes each try.  That was nigh unto impossible.  I did mix my paint first.