Monday, February 11, 2013

Rosie 6"x 6"

My granddaughters' rats are beginning to age so I thought it might be nice to do some rat portraits.  This is Rosie, Julia's little friend.  The photo was taken on her first birthday.

Sara's Class--Compliments 6"x 6"

Today we mixed 7 seven piles arranged by value.  These were all made (in my case) from orange and blue.  Then we added some white to a second pile of each one to have a lighter value.  I was pleased with my composition but it did take me too long time to get the drawing right.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Orange Sections with an Orange Cup 6"x 6"

I just loved this when I finished it but now I see the orange in front is misshapen.  My paints are all cleaned up and I'm exhausted.  I guess there's a lesson there.  I love this color combination!

Tomato in a Silver Bowl 6"x 6"

I was really taken with Sara Sedwick's idea of putting an orange in a silver bowl and painting the reflections.  So I tried a tomato.  Well, I'm not happy with it.  Hard edges seem like the main problem.  But I did paint faster than usual and decided to try another.  I have never done 2 on the same day before!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Limes and Cup 6"x 6" 15 minutes

I was just starting to put down the white rind when the timer went off so I let myself have a minute more to do that.
This was real interesting to do but I'm still trying to figure out what the lesson is.  I think trying to figure out the big color changes on the first pass, then refining later.  Normally I spend a lot of time fiddling with the little nuances the first time through.  I put those oranges in the shadows after I already had the purple in.  Mixing big gobs of the main colors saves time but I pretty much already have been doing that.  Just using one brush might be faster.  3 more classes.  I'm excited to find out what we'll be doing.

Limes and Cup 6"x 6" 30 minutes

I actually had trouble telling the difference between the 30 & 45 min. ones.

Limes and Orange Cup 45 min. 6"x 6"

I started Sarah Sedwick's Fast Painting workshop yesterday at Maude Kerns.  The first day focused on doing 3 paintings--One which took 45 min, the next 30 min and the third, 15 min.  During the class we had to change subject matter each time.  Also had to mix our paint during the time alotted.  That was real difficult for me although other people did well with it.  So to practice at home today I let myself do the same set up so I could use the same pencil sketch each time.  Also since I was mixing the same colors each time, it went faster.