Thursday, August 30, 2012

Along the Walterville Canal 8"x 10"

Today I went back to Walterville.  Lovely day.  I tried drawing on a clear viewer and then transferring that to my canvas.  It worked reasonably well but I think I'll modify the viewer to make it more stable.  I don't like the way the road goes off the side.  It would probably be a lot better if I hadn't included it.  Next time I think I will work on trying to simplify the subject matter.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Summer Morning in Walterville 10"x 8"

I painted this scene 2 days ago but just couldn't get it right.  There were lots of distractions but mostly I just didn't have the skill.  So today I used a photo in my studio to get the drawing right.  I was shocked at how far off I was.  So I need to work more on drawing.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Walterville Canal 8"x 10"

Mona and I went early out to Walterville.  Very hot day.  The sun was orange and the sky kind of a golden color.  A fellow came by and told us it was because of the fires down in Oakridge.  We'll probably go out there again.  It's not far but there is no shelter from the sun.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Summer Morning on Jefferson Street 6"x 6"

I really enjoyed doing this one and like how it turned out.  I may be painting inside from photos for a while.  So much more relaxing than plein air.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Red Truck 6"x 8"

I painted this truck from Carol Marine's photo.  It was so nice to be in my own house with my dog sleeping on the futon..  I used a grid to get the drawing where I wanted it.  I really enjoy that since my drawing skills are so shakey.

Fern Ridge Reservoir 6"x 8"

I did this probably a week or more ago.  It was so horrible that I couldn't seem to get myself to paint again until the red truck came up.  I was standing on the edge of 11th with cars whizzing by.  It was cloudy with a tiny bit of blue when I started, then quickly opened up and I couldn't remember how it was before.  At the end I stuck the sailboat right in the middle.  What a dope!  Well, that's enough whining.
When I finished I walked across the road to see if I could find a view there--no, it was all water, but there was a dried out bull frog on the edge of the road.  It was really interesting to see what those guys I'm always hearing look like.  He was pretty big, about 10" long.