Saturday, June 21, 2014

Marina at Richardson Park 8"x 10"

My second painting Wednesday.  My first try at boats.  Very tricky for me but all in all it came out better than I had expected.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Creek at Richardson Park 8"x 10"

Seems like Wednesday is my painting day.  Nice to have some sort of schedule.  I had a lot of trouble doing those old cat tails. Actually the creek was pretty much filled with various sorts of vegetation so I had to make it up--not my strong point.  I did another in the afternoon--stay tuned.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Another Boxcar 8"x 10"

Well, Sunday on Garfield was nice and quiet.  Unfortunately the boxcars I started Thursday were gone and that area was too complicated to paint with all the trains they had there today.  This wasn't as good a composition but I think I would have been happy if I just could have done those electric poles better.  So
I 'm going to work on electric poles.  The boxcar was one of those open ones they use for lumber and I couldn't figure out how to do it.  I see what I did wrong and will do it better next time.
I scraped this one.  Mostly I'm just real happy to have gotten out to paint.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sidetracked Boxcars 8"x 10"

I've been wanting to try painting some boxcars for the longest time.  Yesterday I was looking for S. Danebo and went the wrong way.  Discovered that Garfield is a goldmine of industrial paintings!  Unfortunately most of the trains are in areas that have no trespassing signs so I settled for this one which is at the end of Cross St.  Not really what I was thinking of but it was a really nice place to paint.
On the way home I discovered a scene that was almost exactly what I'd been thinking of.  Did a sketch, went home for a quick break and another panel (Dummy--always have extras on hand).  So I got started and it started raining.  Not too bad but enough that I had to get out the umbrella.  Got started again and the wind began to blow--really blow.  Blew my umbrella off.  It was blowing toward me fortunately, because twice it blew my easel into me.  I hate to be a sissy so I kept going but it was ridiculous.  The brim of my hat blowing down over my face, small rocks flying around.  Gritty paint.  Yuck!  I gave up, sadly, but hope to get back one day soon.