Friday, March 16, 2012

It's All About You...And the Paint, Little Tomato 6"x 6"

I had fun doing this one which an unusual experience for me.  I tried a few different tactics, mostly because of conversations with women at Tues. night painting.  Sarah said she always mixes up a bunch of paint, which I haven't been doing lately.  That was really useful and cut down on time--just adjusting the color rather than mixing a new batch for every color change.  I also had cleaned some old tired brushes I used to like with Murphy's Oil and they work pretty well.  They are Princeton 6300 flats.  I liked them so much that I ordered some more.

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  1. Hi, Euphemia - I do definitely mix up lots of paint before I start, and I'm glad it helped you on this one. MKAC will be off for a few weeks now, but I hope to see you again after the nude sessions start up in Spring!