Wednesday, September 12, 2012

7th Ave. Alley 8"x 8"

Yesterday I decided to try painting inside from photos for a while.  I'm running out of places to go to paint where there won't be lots of people around.  And I love the alleys in my neighborhood.  I just wish they were all as colorful as this one.  It's right next to the Sweet Life Patisserie looking east.
I just got these 8"x 8" panels from Raymar and I think I'm going to like this size for urban landscapes.
A couple problems I had:  I couldn't really see the color of the shadow side of these buildings in the photo.  I hope to go there tomorrow morning to get that right.  The electric lines, I don't know how to do them.  I tried scratching them in but I was too shakey for it to work out.  I guess I'll use a liner brush once it's dry but that's not the solution I'm looking for.

1 comment:

  1. Phemie, I recognized the alley immediately! I often stop by Sweet Life for a cup of coffee on my way to work, and drive through this alley.

    Wonderful job! I love this painting!