Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Cloud Study 8"x 6"

I went out to the Fisher Unit to try painting the red grass again--and it had all gone brown!  What a shock.  Oh well, a next year.
So we had a lot of clouds.  The overcast was just breaking and I've been wanting to learn to paint clouds.  They are so rare here in summer.  I learned some but have a lot more to figure out.  I've been looking at them a lot since this painting and have noticed that the distant ones have a horozontal dark shadow line while the ones that are overhead show a lot more of their shadow underside.  That's kind of "Duh," I guess but I hadn't put any thought into it before.  I also have been noticing that the shadows on the distant ones tend toward blue and the shadows on the closer ones are warmer and more burnt sienna.
I hate to get too optimistic, but it looks like we may have several sunny days coming.

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