Sunday, July 1, 2012

Where the Road Meets the Wetlands Studio Version 9"x 12"

Well, this was kind of a disaster but maybe I learned something.  I thought I should put the center of interest in one of the "1/3 spots".  Maybe it would have worked if I had gone for the right side instead of the left but I think my original composition was probably better than either.  Can't believe I have that water running right out the left side!
But then I did work out a few other things.  I'm really happy that I tried putting some light blue and light red tones on the mountains.  I'm also happy that I figured out how to paint the red grass instead of just making one big red blob like I have been doing.  I still don't get how to paint all those masses of grassy stems.  I want to go toward a mass, not individual stems.
Well, there's bound to be another sunny day and that red grass should last awhile so I'll try again.
Our Plein Air group will be hanging a show today at the library.  It will run through September.  I get to help hang it.  Should be fun to see what everyone has submitted

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  1. I don't know why you say the water is "running out" to the left. For me, it is a pathway leading INTO the painting.